March 5, 2019

Recovering from Michael

"As of November 2018, 90% of Panama City Beach's accommodations inventory, as well as restaurants and attractions were back online already"

Bay County Tourist Development Council (TDC)
Have you been wondering why there has not been a newsletter in awhile? We’ve been a little busy and unfortunately not for the reasons we want to be!

When you have a place on the beach you always wonder about the weather when you go. Will it be too hot, will it rain and the dreaded H word, will there be a hurricane?

You think it, but you the reality of it actually happening is fairly nonexistent. What are the chances? And if there is one it “will not be that bad”. Wow, those words came back to haunt us. In a matter of 3 days, Hurricane Michael went from a blip on the radar to a high category 4 (probably a low 5). Had it been 30 miles to the west Panama City Beach would have been a direct hit. Mexico City Beach was decimated, and the town of Panama City (not Panama City Beach) hit hard enough that it will take years to recover.

You’re probably thinking “Why would they say this when they are in the business of renting their condos?” However, it would be untruthful to say everything is fine. So many people across the panhandle continue to suffer and pick up the pieces after this tragedy and one of the only ways the panhandle will thrive is by vacationers continuing to arrive. The people of Panama City need you. It is the way they will continue to heal and be able to get back to their new normal. They want to work, they want to provide for their families and they want to see new faces. They want a sense of normalcy as they continue to rebuild their lives and their properties.

We are Thankful!

Thankfully, Panama City Beach suffered significantly less damage from the hurricane than nearby communities.
Our building/units and the beach around us were extremely lucky. We have minimal damage that is being repaired as we speak. If you were not aware of Hurricane Michael, you may simply think the building was doing routine maintenance.

The area to the west of us came through relatively unscathed. The wooden go-carts, the Maze and the bungy jump are all still there waiting for the tourist season! Restaurants are open and ready to serve awesome meals. Pier Park is thriving and continuing to add more activities. Life goes on, as it should!

Visit Panama City Beach

We are so very grateful for the continuing support and thoughts to the Panhandle during this time. Things will be rebuilt better and stronger than ever. Your vacation here will be well worth it! It really is the most relaxing and peaceful place for your getaway!