February 21, 2018

Why Panama City Beach?

Why Panama City Beach was the first question I asked my husband when our friends offered us use of their condo. The only memory I had of PCB was Spring Break 1990 when I spent a week in the area during my senior year of high school. The memories were “crazy, busy and lots of young people looking for a good time”. Not sure this was something I wanted to experience as a forty-something! We decided to give it a try and prepared ourselves to be in a crowded, constant party mode location. Boy, was I wrong.

We arrived at the Seychelles building and immediately felt something different. It was calm and peaceful. Sure, there were plenty of people around, families with children of all ages, empty nesters and full time residents, but there was none of the craziness I remember from my youth. It was in walking distance to restaurants and shops and had plenty of room to spread out on the beach as there were mostly houses and no other high rise condo buildings.

We ended up having the most relaxing and peaceful getaway and decided while we were there to look for property in Seychelles. On a side note, we had been thinking about purchasing an investment property for a while, so this was not a completely spur of the moment decision! We reached out to our friend’s realtor and he showed us properties from Seychelles to Pier Park. We became educated on the area and were able to make the best decision for us.

The location of the Seychelles building is one of the primary reasons we bought there. Being in the east side of the beach, it is near more residential properties. This makes it ideal for people who want to be close to PCB activities, but not in the middle of it all. The building and surrounding property is immaculately maintained by a fabulous and caring maintenance staff. We have learned this is extremely important when you rent a property and do not live locally. It is within walking distance to restaurants and shops, but also only a 10-15 minute drive to more activities. The beach is large with plenty of room to find a spot no matter what time of year it is.

If you are looking for a place to relax, unwind, and be as close to the beach as possible, Seychelles has what you are looking for. We promise you won’t be disappointed!